Are WeServe’s positions part time or full time?

WeServe Provides part time, on call positions for ushers and event security.

Is there an age requirement to work for WeServe? Is there an age limit to work with WeServe?

You must be at least 18 years of age to be employed under WeServe.

There is no age limit, although essential functions must be met at all times. If
your physical well-being does not meet the essential functions of the position you
are looking to work in, then you would no longer fall under the requirements to
work under WeServe.

How can I get involved?

We ask that you send any inquiries or your resume to funjob@weserveinc.com

How long has WeServe been around?

WeServe has been serving the Las Vegas community for 28 years. WeServe was established in September of 1988.

Do I need a special certification to work security?

Yes, you will need two obtain a PILB Unarmed Guard Card. Please click here to see instructions on how to obtain this certification

What does WeServe do?

Please see the About Us section

How do I send in my resume?

There are two ways you can submit your resume to WeServe, one which is preferred complete an online application and upload your resume upon completing the app online. Second, email your resume to funjob@weserveinc.com

Do I need an active email account?

Yes, it is mandatory for all WeServe employees to have an active email account. Not having an active account will automatically hinder our employment process.